MuLab 4 = Deep, Effective, Inspiring!

MuTools is proud and happy to release MuLab 4, the inspiring sound and music production software for Mac OSX and Windows.

MuLab 4 brings you many new features while it's even more easy to use than ever before!

And we strongly believe that it's not only about having feature A, B and C, but also about how all these features work together in a musical mood.


Next Generation Modular System

MuLab 4 features a more transparant, effective, easier and enriched modular architecture that let you process your audio and MIDI in almost any possible way.

Many new and enhanced modules are the building blocks for creating and editing synth and effect patches of all kind:

  • New Super Modulator module.
  • New Note To Modulation converter module.
  • New Controller To Modulation converter module.
  • New Aftertouch To Modulation converter module.
  • New PitchBend To Modulation converter module.
  • New Tanh Distortion module.
  • New Constant Modulator.
  • New Event Delay module.
  • MUX and PolySynth now can have a variable number of audio, event and modulation inputs and outputs.
  • Oscillator, SamplePlayer, MultiSamplePlayer now have rich portamento features.
  • Improved the oscillators' pitch modulation code resulting in even better sound quality.
  • Oscillators now have the option to start at fixed start phase from 0 to 359 degrees.
  • MultiSample Player now has 4 outputs. Each MultiSample zone can be routed to 1 of these 4 outs.
  • The Main Audio Input + Output modules (the one that stream from/to the audio device) can be used anywhere, in any modular level.
  • Restyled MultiSampla module.
  • Improved ADSR module.
  • Improved LFO module.
  • Improved Audio Balancers 1->2 and 2->1.
  • Improved Wobble Generator.
  • Finetuned filter resonance.
  • Improved modulation cables and modulation mappers.
  • Besides the standard MIDI controllers, now also Aftertouch and Pitchbend can be used to MIDI control parameters.
  • You can drag-drop parameters on a meta-parameter so to add/edit that mapping.
  • All modules have a Open/Save Preset context function, greatly increasing the reusability of patches and presets, independent of how deep you've nested modules.
  • Windows version: Optimized performance: MuLab 4 uses up to 35% less than MuLab 3!


New: Custom Front Panels

Creating modular patches can be fantastic advantures. But when you're in musical mood you want quick and easy access.

That's where the MUX Play Editors come into play. Creating nice front panels for your modular patches is a matter of drag-dropping the relevant parameters and components onto the play editor, and arrange them using slick group frames.


New: The MuSynth

The MuSynth is a high-quality and versatile workhorse synth capable of creating a vast range of sounds, both sample-based or virtual analog or combinations of these.

For all details, click here.


New: The MuDrum

The MuDrum is an easy yet super-flexible drum module capable of creating almost any drum sound, both (multi-layered) sample-based or virtual analog or any hybrid combination of that.

For all details, click here.


Extended Library & Enhanced Preset File Management

  • Oscillator now has 300 accurately selected and high-quality anti-aliased waveforms.
    And you can draw and import your own waveforms too, taking advantage of the same top sound quality.
  • Hundreds of new inspiring patches.
  • Extended sample library.


Versatile Drum Loop Slicing

Greatly improved support for working with sampled drum loops.
Auto-slice, rearrange, quantize, process the individual slices of your sample loops.
Or just drag-drop and play!


New: Automation Parts

The new automation parts let you automate any parameter, even the deepest nested ones.

For example, you want to automate the decay of the second layer of a snare mudrum sound? Just drag-drop the decay parameter on a track, then draw flexible automations for that parameter on the fly.


Composer & Sequencing Enhancements

  • Audio Parts now have gain, pan, fade-in and fade-out play parameters.
  • Sequence Parts now have key and velocity play parameters.
  • Improved multi-track audio recording.
  • Drag-drop a module on a track = Track plays that module.
  • Drag-drop a parameter on a (sub-)track, even the deepest parameters = (Sub-)Track automates that parameter.
  • Drag-drop a module on the "+" track button = Creates a new track for that module.
  • Drag-drop a parameter on the "+" track button = Creates a new track for that parameter, even for the deepest parameters.


New: Multi-Session Support

  • Open and play multiple sessions at the same time.
  • Cut-copy-paste and drag-drop objects from one session to another.
  • Undo/redo per session.


New: Template Sessions

MuLab 4 let you save and load template sessions for an increased productivity.


Streamlined User Interface

  • Restyled slick streamlined layout.
  • Racks and modules can now be colored.
    The colors are used by the tracks and parts targetting the module.
    This gives a clear visual link between composer and instruments/effects.
  • Drag-drop .Mux files directly onto rack slots.
  • Improved function shortcut system making it even more effective.


Other Highlights

  • Imports MP3 files as samples.
  • Each session now is neatly organized in its own session folder containing the audio files for that session.
  • New options to manage the audio/sample files within the session's audio folder.
  • Improved VST support.


And many many other improvements and extensions compared to MuLab 3, too many, too detailed and maybe too boring to list them all here. Just play with MuLab and feel how everything is working together!

Enjoy Making Music!