MuLab Demo Song Contest
Win your MuLab + MUX Modular Plug-In User Key Bundle by creating a great MuLab demo song!


  • The song must sound very good and is a great demonstration of the creative and sonic power of MuLab.
  • The song must sound very convincing so other people also wanna make music with MuLab. (using a popular music style may help)
  • No VST plug-ins.
  • You own copyright on any used audio samples in the project.
  • Max 20 MB zipped project file size, all in.
  • MuTools gets non-exclusive rights to copy, remix, distribute and publish the project.

This contest has no time limit and there can be multiple winners!

When your MuLab demo song is selected as a winner it will be published on and you'll receive a MuLab + MUX Modular Plug-In User Key Bundle! will mention your (artist) name and a link to your website so you also get extra exposure as a musician / sound artist!

To apply: Zip the MuProject file/folder and email it to


  • When using audio sample files, make sure that they're included in the zip file. The easiest way is to use Project menu -> Export Consolidated Project.
  • For questions or suggestions, join this MuTools forum topic.

Enjoy Making Music!