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The MuLab zip packages below contain all of MuLab.
It is the MuLab User Key that defines whether MuLab runs in XT or UL mode.
When no MuLab User Key is inserted, then MuLab runs in Free mode.
For the differences between MuLab Free, XT and UL, click here.

Note that when you exceed the limits of MuLab Free/XT, then from time to time you'll hear a soft noise.

MuLab XT/UL User Keys can be purchased in the MuTools Shop.




  MuLab 5.5.2 for Mac OSX

  MuLab 5.5.2 for Windows (32 bit)

  MuLab 5.5.2 for Windows (64 bit)

If you're not sure whether to take the 32 bit or 64 bit version, take the 32 bit version as that one will also work on 64 bit systems.

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Download the MuLab zip package and unzip it to a new folder on your harddisk or USB device. After you have installed the MuLab package, double-click the MuLab application file to launch it.

MuLab comes as a portable and self-containing folder. It does not install anything on your system outside this folder. You can move the MuLab folder after you have installed it. You can even put it on a USB stick and carry your MuLab with you.


 On OSX if you get the alert "MuLab can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer", then control-click or right-click the icon and choose "Open". More info on OSX GateKeeper on this page.


 On Windows 7/8, it may be better not to install the Mulab folder under the 'Program Files' folder, but rather in a non UAC protected folder like C:\Applications\Music\Mulab. This is to avoid access problems caused by Windows' UAC mechanism. Alternatively you could try to run MuLab with "Run as administrator". To do so right-click the MuLab exe file.


For all details on installation, inserting your MuLab User Key, updating etc, click here.


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MUX Preset Packs


Bamboo PackMihai SorohanDownload
Choir Vowel Ensemble PackMihai Sorohan and Richard OsbornDownload
HouseKit PackJohnny PumphandleDownload
Muted Trumpet PackMihai SorohanDownload
Recorder PackMihai SorohanDownload
Rock PackMihai SorohanDownload
Tiple PackMihai SorohanDownload
Mu808 Drum KitMuToolsDownload

How to install:

  • Unzip the zip file
  • Move the patch folder into the Mulab/User/Library/Mux folder