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MuLab 5 UL User Key 69 EUR

MuLab 5 XT User Key 29 EUR

MUX 5 Vst User Key 49 EUR

MuLab 5 UL + MUX 5 Vst User Keys Bundle 99 EUR

MuLab 4/5 XT -> MuLab 5 UL User Key Upgrade

Only if you already have a MuLab 4/5 XT User Key!

45 EUR

MuLab 4 XT -> MuLab 5 XT User Key Update

Only if you already have a MuLab 4 XT User Key!

14 EUR

  • For the differences between MuLab XT and MuLab UL, click here.
  • To check whether MuLab fits your needs, try MuLab Free.
  • To check whether MUX Vst fits your needs, try the MUX Demo.
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  • For volume discounts or any other question, email