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Important Note

From 12 to 17 April 2014, personal user keys will only be delivered on 18 April.
Make sure you click on "Return to MuTools.com" on the PayPal order confirmation page so to instantly get your initial user key.

MuLab 5 UL User Key 69 EUR

MuLab 5 XT User Key 29 EUR

MUX 5 Vst User Key 49 EUR

MuLab 5 UL + MUX 5 Vst User Keys Bundle 99 EUR

MuLab 4/5 XT -> MuLab 5 UL User Key Upgrade

Only if you already have a MuLab 4/5 XT User Key!

45 EUR

MuLab 4 XT -> MuLab 5 XT User Key Update

Only if you already have a MuLab 4 XT User Key!

14 EUR

  • For the differences between MuLab XT and MuLab UL, click here.
  • To check whether MuLab fits your needs, try MuLab Free.
  • To check whether MUX Vst fits your needs, try the MUX Demo.
  • If you need an invoice, contact before purchase.
  • For volume discounts or any other question, email