MuLab is an inspiring music studio featuring an integrated top-quality modular synth, sampler and effect engine.

MuLab is an easy and rock-solid tool designed to create, record, edit and finalize your music!

MuLab exists as stand-alone app and as plugin for use within other apps.


MuLab 9.4 App & Plugin released.

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MuLab 9.4 is available in Downloads and Shop

MuLab 9.3 App & Plugin released:

MuLab 9 is available in Downloads and Shop

MuLab 9.2 App & Plugin released:

  • Support for CLAP plugins.
    CLAP is an innovative and future-proof plugin standard.
    This is a first support level for CLAP plugins, equivalent to VST2 plugin support.
    More advanced CLAP plugin support (polyphonic modulation, thread pooling, ...) is planned for future updates.
  • Improved VST2 plugin support.
  • Project browser now supports custom buttons to quickly recall browser presets with a single click.
  • Project browser: For Synth and Effect Plugins you can now define a plugin category in the Where field so to make the list more specific. For example, you can now make a quick browser button to show all "EQ Plugins".
  • Other important improvements and fixes. See the detailed change log.

MuLab 9 is available in Downloads and Shop

MuLab 9.1 App & Plugin released:

  • MuDrum, MuSynth, MuSampla and MultiSampla now are standard modular patches and can be fully customized!
  • Improved and extended MUX front panel system.
  • New "Setup Rack Sidechain" function for quick and easy side-chaining.
  • New Note Stutterer module: Generates stuttering note events for each incoming note.
  • New MIDI Controller Filter.
  • MuLab 9 App and Plugin for Mac M1/M2.
  • And more...

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MuLab 9 is available in Downloads and Shop

MuLab 9 App & Plugin have been released:

MuLab 9 Highlights:

MuLab 9 is available in Downloads and Shop