MuLab 9 Highlights

  • MuLab and MUX Modular Plugin have merged into a single uniform architecture.
    This means that MuLab 9 App can now also function as a stand-alone synth or effect, even without composer.
    And it also means that MuLab 9 Plugin can now function as a DAW.
    Thanks to the enhanced modularity also any hybrid combination of composers / synths / effects is possible.

    Both MuLab 9 App and MuLab 9 Plugin can open the same project files.
    This means you can make a project with MuLab 9 App and open it in MuLab 9 Plugin in another DAW, and vice versa.

  • The composer now is a module.
    You can combine serial / parallel / nested composers.
  • Each composer has a Live Matrix for instant creative fun & inspiration.
  • Compositions can be played live via MIDI thanks to the new Note Event Actions.
    They can also be sequenced by a parent composer and/or by the host DAW.
  • Enhanced recording flexibility: Audio & Event Recording can be done inside any MUX, also on deeper levels.
    And recording is not restricted to track recording anymore, you can use independent recorders and start/stop them manually.
    You can also record audio and events inside MuLab 9 Plugin.


MuLab 9 Improvements

  • Envelopes and LFOs: Enhanced processing quality resulting in a much more tight sound for sharp attacks / decays, fast LFOs, ...
  • New preference "New Note Velocity" = The initial velocity for new drawn / inserted note events. Before M9 it was fixed on 110, now it's a preference.
  • The part property panel now includes edit displays for time and length. These displays are also used while dragging parts.
  • Improved safety net in case a serious error occurs in the audio engine (including if caused by a VST) resulting in better chance to save your project.
  • Improved previewing of presets, samples, sequences, muclips, MIDI files.
  • Envelope parts now have their definition per part. (in M8 that was per track)
  • Drop module on metronome = Set metronome sound module.
  • When merging sequence parts with different MIDI channels, the resulting part's MIDI channel is set to "Per Event".
  • Shortcut to Embed All Samples.
  • Option to open System File Explorer from Project Browser.
  • MUX Front Panels -> Plugin Slot -> Embed Parameters: For embedded parameter with discrete values, eg an "Octave" parameter, mouse wheel wasn't working as expected. Fixed.
  • MUX Modular Area -> Meta Parameters section: If a meta-parameter only has discrete values, eg. when mapped to an Octave parameter, the knob now properly takes that into account.
  • Faster importing of big MIDI files.
  • The transport now has an explicit button for Fast Rewind.
  • Finetuned Rewind / Forward functionality.
  • New shortcut: Goto first selected part start.
  • The displayed Num Ticks Per Beat changed to 960 = More user friendly. (in M8 it was shown as 12000 ticks per beat)
    Internal accuracy is unchanged and is far more than sufficient for sample accurate sequencing at even the high samplerate and low tempo.
  • Project has a main tempo now.
    All composers use a relative tempo towards the main project tempo.
    Composer tempo is displayed as absolute, but under the hood it is relative towards the project tempo.
  • In MuLab for Windows there now is a "Check For Updates" function.
    Also 2 relevant preferences "Auto Check For Updates" + "Show New Beta Test Versions".
  • Create Grid now supports extracting a grid from a sequence.
  • The project window title bar has been removed to focus more on the musical workspace.
    You can drag the window by dragging the project name display and via Alt+drag the window border.
  • Event Monitor: Improved display.
  • Mute events are now parameter events.
  • Logical Selector now also has a MIDI channel criterium, if relevant for the selected sequence part.
  • Fixed a bug in the APLC system which could occur in certain patching structures.
  • ADSR, LFO, Multi-Point Envelope and Wobble Generator: The Level parameter has a better default value.
  • On some Windows systems there was an issue retrieving the desktop path. Fixed.
  • More robust VST 2 engine wrt VST 2 plugins that don't follow the VST 2 rules.
  • When a track targets a rack slot then "Delete Unused Racks" did not take that into account. Fixed.
  • The maximum total plugin latency now is a preference.
  • More color preferences. (eg TransportDisplay Back+Fore)
  • Sequence Player: New "Start On Next Bar" and "Sync On Next Bar" options.
  • When editing a sequence part that uses a different relative tempo, then editing the start time of an event via text popup did not work as expected. Fixed.
  • Right-click-drag window border = Move window.
  • Processor Weight Limit has moved from Audio Setup to Preferences.
  • MUX Front Panels: When adding a Frequency Spectrum Analyzer and making it extremely small MuLab hanged. Fixed.
  • When the PolySynth received a Sustain event, then nor a Panic neither a Power Off of that PolySynth resetted that sustain state, resulting in unexpected sustained notes. Fixed.
  • Improved MIDI Input Routing.
  • Tracks: When clicking the track icon/name it was not possible to drag the track up/down. Fixed.
  • Finetuned track coloring: By default a sub-track now uses the same color as its parent track. (unless its target module uses an excplicit color)
  • Finetuned the looks of the transport buttons and project editor window buttons.
  • CPU meter now is a vertical meter taking less screen space.
  • Multi-Point Modulator: Improper behaviour when used in a PolySynth and its event input was not connected. Fixed.
  • LFO display didn't update upon inserting/removing points in LFO shape. Fixed.
  • Improved making selections in the audio editor: Double-click selects between markers, Shift+Double-click extends the selection with area between markers.
  • Sample editor -> DSP -> "Delete Selection" added.
  • Right-click on the window close/minimize/hide buttons will also popup the window menu. (just like right-click border)
  • File/Folder Browser: Alt+N shortcut for New File has been changed to Ctrl+N for this is more standard.
  • Reworked the way racks / modules are visually focused in order to illuminate the modular musical hierarchy.
  • Enhanced support for smaller screens.
  • Improved layout.
  • Many more mini improvements.


MuLab 9 Docs & Previews
The M9 docs are here: M9 Docs

Video 1: MuLab 9 Intro (Draft)

Video 2: About The 'PreStart' Sync Mode


MuLab 9 Downloads
MuLab 9 App          MuLab 9 Plugin



  • If you purchased a MuLab 8 User Key after 21 October 2020 you will get a free upgrade to MuLab 9 App when it is released.
    In this case you can already request your Initial MuLab 9 App User Key via
  • If you purchased a MUX Modular 8 Plugin User Key after 21 October 2020 you will get a free upgrade to MuLab 9 Plugin when it is released.
    In this case you can already request your Initial MuLab 9 Plugin User Key via
  • If you would encounter any bugs or workflow issues in the MuLab 9 beta version, please email


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