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Welcome and thanks for using MuTools software!

These docs will give you all essential info about MuLab, MUX Modular, MuSynth, MuDrum, MuVerb, etc. Note however that these docs don't explain each and every single detail or possible combination, because that would bloat these docs too much. MuTools apps are constructed in a logical and modular way, like a set of construction tools, and these docs will give you all essential info, but it's also up to you to explore features in depth, use them, combine them, and be creative with them so to create great music and high-quality audio productions!

We try to make the MuTools apps as self-explanatory as possible. That's another reason why we want to keep these docs as light as possible. Things that are regarded as obvious are not included in these docs. If you think there really is something essential missing in these docs, let us know via , and we'll improve where necessary.

For more practical tutorials, also check out the MuTools' YouTube channel and power user Trancit's YouTube Channel.

One important tip: Lots of functionality is sorted in the right-click context menus. Right-click around and discover extra features.

Enjoy Making Music!


Documentation Structure

MuTools produces different audio/music apps, currently the most popular being MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-In. Some of these docs are common to all apps, for example the basic user interface is common. The common docs are located in the docs/common sub-folder and they use the general term "this app" to refer to the actual app. So in case you're using MuLab, "this app" means MuLab.


MacOS Specific Notes

These docs are written from a Windows user view. Not because MuTools prefers Windows, no, it's just that repeating the platform-specific differences all the time would be boring and bloating these docs. So that's why the following is mentioned only here and on the User Interface page:

Whenever this user guide mentions right-click, do [Ctrl]+click.
Note that a right-click might work too, it depends on your MacOS mouse setup.

Whenever this user guide mentions [Ctrl]+click, do [Apple]+click.

Whenever this user guide mentions [Ctrl]+key, do [Apple]+key.

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