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Can I sell/transfer my User Key to someone else?

No. Cfr the User License Agreement MuLab & MUX Modular User Keys are personal and not transferrable.

The reasons are these:

1) A MuLab & MUX Modular User key is a personal key and may not be given to anyone else. IF user keys would be transferrable, there should at least be an admin fee for creating a new personal user key and updating the database.

2) If the original user has got support on using MuLab / MUX Modular, and the new user would also ask for support, then we're doing bad business for that's 2 times support for the price of one. And where would that end if that second hand user also transfers his user key, and so on and so on. That would mean that, at least theoretically, selling 1 user key could lead to supporting many people, and would cost us much support for almost no income. That would simply not be fair, not to MuTools and not to all users as they will implicitly suffer from that bad business. (e.g. slower development) So in fact IF user keys would be transferrable, there should also at least be an renewed support fee. (in addition to the admin fee)

3) When the original user has used MuLab/MUX Modular for some time, we think he has taken advantage/consumed a portion of all the R&D work MuTools has put in creating these products. This R&D work takes time and money of course. IF user keys would be transferrable, this would decrease the return MuTools receives for all the work. And so this should be compensated in some way, for example by raising the price. But we prefer to keep the price low and to use personal user keys.

4) Summing all the above reasons and related costs simply leads to the conclusion that it's totally fair to ask a new user to buy his own personal MuLab / MUX Modular user key. Certainly taking the low prices into account!

Why a zip package and no installer?

It has the big advantage that the user has full control over what he adds to his system, it is fully transparant.

In times of complex system setups and system attacks etc, the transparancy of a zip package really is a great advantage.

Another advantage is that a MuLab installation (ie MuLab folder) is very independent of the system, which makes it very portable.

And also: In case you would want to 'uninstall' MuLab from a certain system it is as simple as deleting the MuLab folder and there is no garbage left at all, nothing.

How long do i get free updates for MuTools product X?

If you buy a MuLab 7 user key, you get all updates of MuLab 7 for free.
However your MuLab 7 user key won't work for new main version MuLab 8, MuLab 9, ... but you can upgrade your MuLab 7 user key for a gentle upgrade fee via the MuTools shop.

This same principle applies to all other MuTools products, eg MUX Modular Plug-In.

I found a cracked version for free. Is it ok using it? What should i do?

No it is not ok using it, for several reasons:

  • MuTools is a small company driven by an indie developer who tries to make a modest living of his passion for music and technology. The price of a user key is very gentle and that money is used to pay the bills so R&D can continue and new improved versions can be developed. Purchasing a user key is both an appreciation for the current version, as well as support for developing new versions.
  • MuTools products include a protection mechanism and when it would detect that someone is using a cracked version it may start doing odd things and disable saved files, maybe with a time delay.
  • Using cracked software also is very risky because the crackers could have inserted malware in the cracked version that can seriously harm your computer.
  • It is illegal to use pirated software.

Conclusion: It's wise not to use cracked versions but only to use the real thing.
MuTools user keys have a very gentle price so hopefully everyone who wants to use MuTools products will always choose the positive way and thereby help the product grow to inspiring new features.

If you discover a cracked version or a distributed user key please report this to MuTools via


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