M8 Docs   Inserting Your MuLab User Key


Initial and Personal MuLab User Key

After purchasing a MuLab User Key via PayPal, PayPal shows a confirmation page with a link "Return to MuTools.com".
By clicking that link you can instantly grab your Initial User Key that you can use immediately.
Note however that this Initial User Key only remains valid for a limited time.
Some days after your purchase, and certainly before the Initial User Key becomes invalid, you'll also receive your Personal User Key via email.
Make sure you also enter your Personal User Key as that's the permanent one.

Inserting Your MuLab User Key

A MuLab User Key is a multi-line text which looks like this:

[[MuTools User Key - Keep Private - Keep Intact]
[Public Data]
[Product=MuLab 8]
[User=Anna Peeters]
[Digital Data]

Launch MuLab, click the MULAB menu and choose "Insert User Key".
Copy your complete user key (best including the dashed lines) to the clipboard and paste it into the dialog window. Then click OK (or press return/enter).
Now restart MuLab for your user key to take effect.


Removing Your MuLab User Key

Launch MuLab, click the MULAB menu and choose "Insert User Key".
You'll see your user key. Click the Remove button.
You'll get the question "Are you sure to remove your user key?".
Click "Yes".

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