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ReWire is a system to stream audio between applications.

You'll find more details on the Propellerheads website.

Important: Do things in the proper order!

It's important to follow the proper order when using ReWire:

1: Launch MuLab before launching the ReWired application.

2: Quit the ReWired application before quitting MuLab.

These rules are typical when using ReWire in any host DAW.

Concrete example: ReWiring Reason to MuLab:

  • Launch MuLab
  • Plug-in Reason
  • If the Reason window doesn't open from itself, then launch Reason manually from the system
  • ... Play Around ...
  • Save and Close Reason
  • Save and Close MuLab

Note that you need to save Reason separately!
Reason's data is not stored in the MuLab project file.

The same logic when you would want to delete Reason from a MuLab project:

  • First save and close Reason.
  • Delete the ReWired Reason plug-in in MuLab.

It's recommended to plug-in the ReWired device into a the project modular area and there create the necessary racks for the ReWired audio outputs you want to use. Then use sequence tracks that directly target the ReWired device as that way when choosing a MIDI channel you'll see the ReWired MIDI channel names.

If however you prefer to plug-in a ReWired device into a rack, then here is a trick to choose a specific ReWire MIDI channel for a track to that rack: First set the track to point to the ReWired device directly (drag-drop the ReWired plug-in slot on the track), choose the MIDI channel, then reset the track to point to the rack (drag-drop the rack name on the track). After the last step, the track's MIDI channel will still be the same, though it will be listed as a more generic value. For example if the ReWired device channel is bus 90, channel 5, then the more generic MIDI channel will be 1429 <=> ((90-1) * 16) + 5. Anyway, you can rename the track so it uses a relevant name and once the MIDI channel is set, it's ok.

When you want to change MuLab's "Audio Setup" during a ReWire session, then use this procedure:

  • Save + Close ReWired apps
  • Do Audio Setup
  • Open ReWired apps again and reload


  • ReWire is only available in MuLab, not in MUX Modular Plug-In.
  • Deleting a ReWire module is non-undoable action (and thus pops up a "Are you sure?" alert) so to make sure the ReWire module is really freed and available again for other ReWire hosts.

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