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The Live Matrix lets you create, play and record musical clips on the fly.
That's a very organic and intuitive way of composing musical ideas.

The horizontal rows are the Composer Tracks, the vertical columns are the Live Scenes.
Together they form a matrix and each cell of that matrix can contain a Live Clip.
For more info on Tracks & Clips see the Composer

Both Live Clips and Live Scenes can be launched on the fly.
They will start playing depending on the Sync Mode settings, see the Sync Mode section below.

At the right-side of the Live Matrix there is a per-track mute button.
This mute button will mute the Time Line for that specific track.
You can mute/unmute the track's time line as you want, so it is also possible to play Live Clips on top of the time line.

Sync Mode

  • Start = When the clip effectively starts playing (upon the Quantization time) then it starts playing at the very start of the clip.

  • (Pre)Start = When the clip effectively starts playing (upon the Quantization time) the it starts playing at the very start of the clip, unless that clip has a start marker separate from the loop markers then this is taken into account so that the loop start will be on the quantized launch time. This allows to play clips with a intro aka fill-in aka pre-roll section.

  • Sync = When the clip effectively starts playing (upon the Quantization time) it starts playing at the relative same time as the master clock. This means that if you have a 4 bar clip and it's launched when the master clock is at bar 3 then this clip also starts playing at bar 3 as if it was started on 1.1.000


This value defines the quantization of the time you launch the clip (eg. by clicking the clip's play button) to the time the clip really starts playing.

The Sync Mode can be defined on several hierarchic levels: Per Live Clip, per Live Scene, per Live Matrix, per Composer:
If Clip Sync Mode is set to Scene then Scene Sync Mode is used.
If Scene Sync Mode is set to Live Matrix then Live Matrix Sync Mode is used.
If Live Matrix Sync Mode is set to Composer then Composer Sync Mode is used.

More Info

  • You can create a new clip by double-clicking an empty cell.
    Then you have the choice for an Audio Clip, a Sequence Clip or an Automation Clip although sometimes MuLab will make this decission for you based on the track target module.
  • Double-click a clip to open its editor.
    By default that will be the docked editor.
    Alt + double-click a clip to open the editor in a floating window.
    Note that this behaviour can be reversed via the "Standard Floating Clip Editors" preference.
  • The Live Matrix can be horizontally zoomed in & out with mouse wheel.
  • You can drag-drop Live Scenes on the Time Line.
  • When recording a new sequence into Live Matrix, MuLab takes the bar of the first recorded event as the start and takes the next bar of the last recorded event as the end.
    Well more specifically, this quantization is defined by the Sync Mode.

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