M9 Docs   Event List Editor

The Event List Editor simply lists all events in a sequence.

Its simplicity is also its strength, as you see every single event with all of its details. And almost every single detail can be edited by double-clicking that value.

The meaning of Value 1 and 2 is dependent on the event type, cfr this table:

TypeValue 1Value 2
ControllerCtrl IDAmount
ProgramchangeProg Nrn.a.

How it works:

  • Open the Event List Editor via right-click on a sequence clip / sequence editor -> Edit in List Editor. You can also assign a shortcut to this function.

  • The Event List Editor uses the standard editor navigation methods.
  • With the arrow tool you can lasso select events. Hold Shift to extend an existing selection.
  • Double-click a value to edit it.
  • When editing a value when more than 1 event is selected, you can copy the new value to all others selected.
  • Alt+click an event monitors that event.
  • The Insert key inserts an event.
  • The Delete key deletes the current (selected) event(s).

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