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MuClips are presets that combine a sequence with its target sound module. For example you made a nice drum beat or bass line, now these can be saved as a MuClip and easily used in other projects or shared with other users. The project browser has a separate 'What' option to show MuClips.

There are 2 ways to save such MuClips:

  • By dropping a sequence clip on a disk folder shown in the browser.
  • By right-clicking a sequence clip -> Clip -> Presets -> Save Preset.
Recalling MuClips can be done
  • By drag-drop from your OS or from the browser onto the composer. (on the [+] track button, on an existing track, below the existing tracks)
  • By right-clicking a sequence clip -> Clip -> Presets -> Open Preset.


  • MuClips can be easily previewed in the browser.
  • Dropping a MuClip on the composer below the existing tracks now also takes the mouse time position into account.

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