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Although there is no official MuLab for Linux version (yet), here is a possible way to use MuLab on Linux, thanks to Michael Bohle from JackLab:

One of the good things about a VST host driven by WINE/WineASIO is that we can use nearly 90% of the existing Windows VST plugins.

WineAsio is a simple translator telling Windows applications that they have a working ASIO driver, needed for realtime audio support. But they are JACK clients.

The ways how to use Windows VST software are documented and supported by JackLab for openSUSE ( http://en.opensuse.org/JackLab/3_Steps_to_JAD_for_Beginners_2 )

Also 64studio.com have a good WineAsio VST support.

For Ubuntu you can use the Ubuntustudio metapackage for to have a kernel-rt and some audio apps for creative users. Go to ubuntustudio.com for more info.

At least you need to have a running JACK system and WINE (->1.0).

Install wineasio with your package manager. If you can't find this in your package manager, try this "universal" binary archives.

Register the wineasio driver in the Wine registry (with any terminal emulation):

regsvr32 wineasio.dll

32bit version: If you need more then two WineASIO I/O, make a file named .wineasiocfg in your home dir and insert this:


See the readme.txt of the WineASIO binary.

64bit version: You must start the 'jackbridge' with 8 fixed I/O for connecting with wineasio clients. See the readme.txt of the WineASIO64 binary.

MIDI I/Os can be enabled with winecfg, a graphical interface for some WINE configurations. The ALSA Raw MIDI support is mostly enabled by default. If not, all you need to do is to click the checkbox ALSA in the 'Sound' tab. Leave all other soundclients unchecked, confirm.

Copy the content of the MuLab archive to your home: .wine/drive_c/program files

Start JACK (with qjackctl)

Right click on MULAB.exe -> open with wine (checkbox 'always open with this app' then you can open *.exe with a double click). In the "Connections" windows of qjackctl you can see now the WineASIO JACK clients, the I/O's of MuLab

The preferences dialog of MuLab make the right suggestion for the wineasio driver, choose your MIDI I/O, confirm, choose the VST folder,...

Have fun!

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