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MuLab App and MuLab Plugin

MuLab App is a stand-alone application while MuLab Plugin is a plugin to be inserted in another plugin host DAW.
Basically MuLab App and MuLab Plugin have the same functionality, with only a couple of specific differences inherent to the app vs plugin difference.
Project and preset files are 100% compatible, thus project/preset files made with MuLab App can be opened by MuLab Plugin and vice versa.
However MuLab App and MuLab Plugin are 2 separate shop products and each need their own User Key.

MuLab Demo and MuLab Full

MuLab can work in 2 modes: Demo Mode and Full Mode.

In Demo Mode:

  • You cannot save projects.
  • You cannot save MUX presets that contain composers.
  • Sometimes a demo reminder is shown.
  • You need to restart after 40 minutes.
  • Exporting to audio files is limited to 16 bit.
  • Sometimes you'll hear a soft noise, like a seashore. (Listen)

By inserting a User Key and restarting MuLab, all demo limits will disappear.

You can purchase your personal MuLab User Key in The MuTools Shop

Tip: If you have made a great groove using MuLab Demo, which cannot save it as a project,
and you really want to continue on it lateron in MuLab Full, then save the individual elements (sequences, sounds, ...)
as much as possible and re-assemble them in MuLab Full after having inserted your User Key.

MuLab App Free

MuLab App Free is a light version of MuLab App and is fully functional without a user key.
It has these limitations compared to the MuLab App full version:

  • Maximum 5 tracks
  • No VST / CLAP plugins
  • No multi-core support
  • No Auto Plugin Latency Compensation
  • Only 1 MIDI input, no MIDI output
  • MIDI channel 1 only
  • Exporting to 16 bit audio files only
  • Only one project at a time
  • Only 2 lanes in the audio sequence editor
  • No "Export Tracks As Audio Files" function
  • No "Convert REX Files" function

MuLab Free can also be used as an alternative for demoing MuLab.

There is no free version of MuLab Plugin.

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