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The Note Action Map is a special note event map that works on the main event input of a composer.
Note Event Actions are special event mappings that let you say for example:
Upon receiving note C4, start playing the timeline at bar 1, upon note D4 loop the timeline from bar 17 to bar 21, and upon note E4 play Live Matrix scene 1.
This is useful for example to play a composer's Live Matrix or Time Line from a parent module or host DAW, or to play it live via MIDI.

You can access the Note Event Map via the options button at the right of the composer transport.

More Info

  • The Note Action Map works on the main event input jack of a composer.
    Any events that are effectively mapped and taking action are processed and filtered out, thus these events do not reach the respective Event Input module in that composer's modular area.
  • The Note Action Map can play Live Clips, Live Scenes and the Time Line at a certain time.
    It cannot play individual tracks or clips of the Time Line.
    If you want to play a time line clip via MIDI then copy it to the Live Matrix and map it to a note action there.
  • If you want, for example, to map Live Clip X to C2 there are several ways to do this:
    • Open the Note Action Map editor and drag-drop that Live Clip on C2.
    • Right-click that Live Clip and use "Map To Note Actio".
  • The MIDI button at the top-right of the Note Action Map editor quickly sets the MIDI focus to this composer so that MIDI input (eg from your MIDI keyboard) is processed by this composer's Note Action Map. (assumed MIDI Input is using the Focused Target Module, see "MIDI Input Channel Targets")

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