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The Transport Panel offers you the basic controls to start and stop the composer. It also offers controls to set the tempo, the cycle, toggle the metronome etc... For detailed info on recording, see Recording.

  • The Play button starts/stops playback of the Live Matrix or Time Line, depending on what you're working with. (defined by last relevant mouse click)

    Alternatively, Alt+clicking Play will do this:

    • If the Live Matrix is playing, then also the Time Line starts playing as well.
    • If the Time Line is playing, then also the Live Matrix starts playing as well.
    • If both are playing then the focused one will stop.
    • If none are playing they both will start together.

    Right-click the play button for extra options like a panic function etc.
    Tip: You can also assign a key shortcut to the panic function.

  • The Rewind and Forward buttons move the play position 1 bar backward/forward on the time line.
    Ctrl+clicking the rewind/forward buttons use smaller steps, specifically the grid that is indicated at the bottom-right of the time line editor, but at max beat steps.

    The rewind/forward functions can be mapped to a shortcut.
    By default it are the [Arrow Left] and [Arrow Right] keys.
    Note that on top of that you can also use shortcuts to any of the "Goto..." functions, eg Goto Composition Start.

  • The Record button toggles recording on and off.
    Right-click this button for extra options like the metronome countdown etc.
    For more detailed info on recording see Recording

  • You can directly edit the Tempo with the mouse wheel.
    Double-click on it to set a specific tempo.
    When you append a % character to your input then the resulting tempo will be calculated as a percentage of the master tempo, defined by the parent composer / host DAW.
    For example entering "50%" will set the tempo to half the master tempo.
  • Right-click the Tempo display for its context menu where you will find all kinds of tempo related options like:

    • Insert a tempo automation event
    • Show the Tap Tempo dialog
    • Show the Tempo Knob with which you can also record tempo automations
    • Edit Tempo Changes
    • Set the composition's time signature
    • Set the MIDI Clock output module
    • ...

  • The Swing knob controls the amount of swing for the focused composition. Note that also each sequence clip has its own swing parameter, they emphasize eachother. So a composition can easily use different swing amounts for the different clips, resulting in multi-swing.
  • The Metronome control has 3 states: OFF, ON Play+Record, ON Record Only
  • The first metronome beat is played at full velocity, the next beats are each played a bit softer each time. (100,95,90,...)
    You could use this difference to make a custom metronome patch that, for example, uses different samples/volumes/pitches for each beat. (using multi-sampler velocity zones)
  • Right-click the metronome to edit its sound.
  • You can also drop a module on the metronome button to set the metronome's sound module on condition that the dropped module is inside the composer's modular structure.

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