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There are 2 types of updates: Main version updates, eg. from MuLab 8 to MuLab 9, and sub-version updates, eg. from MuLab 9.4 to MuLab 9.5.

Main Version Updates

It's recommended to keep a separate folder for each main MuLab version.
So best to have a separate install folder for MuLab 7, one of MuLab 8, one for MuLab 9, and so on.

When installing a new main MuLab folder then you can copy-paste all your user settings from a previous MuLab folder to a new MuLab folder by doing this:

  • Goto your previous MuLab installation folder and copy the User sub-folder to the clipboard.
  • Goto your new MuLab installation folder and delete the User sub-folder.
  • Then paste the User sub-folder from the clipboard into the new MuLab installation folder.

This way you have copied all your original user settings into your new MuLab installation folder.

Sub-Version Updates

Within a main MuLab version it's only a matter of updating the binary application file.


For MuLab App it's about updating MuLab.exe + MuLab.ID (2 files)
For MuLab Plugin it's about updating MuLab Plugin.dll + MuLab Plugin.ID + MuLab Plugin (Synth).dll + MuLab Plugin (Synth).ID (4 files)

This can be done via the main MULAB menu at the top-left of the main window -> Info -> Check For Updates.
That way you can easily download the most recent version as a zip file into your current MuLab.exe folder.
Then quit MuLab, open the zip and update the above mentioned files to the newest version.
Alternatively watch this webpage: MuTools.com/mulab/app-patch/


For MuLab App it's about updating MuLab.app (1 file)
For MuLab Plugin it's about updating MuLab Plugin.vst + MuLab Plugin (Synth).vst (2 files)

Watch this webpage for the newest binary application files: MuTools.com/mulab/app-patch/

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