M9 Docs   Using Insert & Send Effects

In music studios, you can use effects in 2 different ways: As an insert effect or as a send effect.

An insert effect is an effect that is inserted within the signal path. Only that signal will go thru that effect.

For example, we could insert an EQ to individually tweak the signal of a single track in the composition.

A send effect is an effect where you can send a part of the signal to.

Multiple signals can each send to the send effect, so the send effect is a common effect.

For example, we could use a common reverb for multiple tracks in the composition.

Lets see how to do this in MuLab.

Imagine we have a sequence playing a synth in a rack, lets call that the synth rack. If we insert an effect module directly into the synth rack, then this is an insert effect because the signal in a rack flows from top to bottom. (cfr Racks) For example, lets insert a Parametric EQ into synth rack slot 2. Therefore click slot 2 and choose MuTools->Factory->Effects->Filters->Parametric EQ from the MUX preset list.

So now in the composition, the sequence clip sends notes to the synth rack. In the synth rack, slot 1 is a synth which will turn these notes into audio. And in slot 2, the insert effect "Parametric EQ" will process the audio which comes from the synth.

Now lets setup a send effect.

Therefore click the [+] rack button at the right of all racks. This will create a new rack. Then click the first slot of that rack to insert a new module. Choose MuTools->Factory->Effects->Reverb->Large Room. Notice how the rack is automatically renamed. If you want to give it another name, right-click the name -> Rename.

Now lets focus on the synth rack again.

You'll see that there is a little triangular switch at the right of the slots. This is called the Pre/Post Fader Switch. It defines at what point the signal will go thru the volume fader, cfr the docs about Racks. You can drag this switch up/down to tell the rack at what point it must go thru the pan+volume control.

Normally, sending an audio signal to a send effect is done 'post fader', because if we turn down the volume fader, we don't want the audio to still go to the send effect.

So lets click on synth rack slot 4, i.e. the slot just below the Pre/Post Fader Switch, and insert a "Sends -> Large Room Rack".

And so here we have the synth rack with a "Parametric EQ" as an insert effect and a send to the Large Room effect rack.

The little knob at the right of the send in the synth rack defines how much signal is sent to the effect rack.

You can even record automation for this knob by clicking the record button and changing the send level while recording. Or right-click that knob -> "Drag Parameter" and drop it on the [+] track button to create a new automation track.

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