M9 Docs   Using MIDI Output

To send MIDI output from MuLab to your external MIDI gear, first make sure you've enabled the relevant MIDI ports via the main MuLab menu -> MIDI Setup.       
Then in the Project Modular Area, make sure you have a Project Event Output module.
You can create multiple ones each for targetting a different MIDI output port.
Then map this Project Event Output module to any of the MIDI output ports you enabled in step 1.
To do so edit (double-click) that Event Output module.
These Project Event Output modules can be used as a direct target for tracks (drop the module on a track, or right-click track -> "Choose Target"), and/or it can be used as an output for racks or other modular devices.

Note that these MIDI Output modules can also be used as a target for sending MIDI clock.
To set the MIDI clock output module, right-click the tempo display in the transport panel.
If you want to send MIDI clock to multiple MIDI outputs then use a 'proxy' Patch Point module and connect it to all the MIDI outputs you want to send MIDI clock to.

For detailed info on using MIDI channels, see the Composer doc page.

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