M9 Docs   Using Note Key Names

Each MUX Modular and each VST / CLAP plugin can now have its own private note key name map.
Such note key names are then displayed at the left side of the sequence editor, instead of the piano keys.
So, for example, if you have a plugin instrument that uses drums but does not give the drum names to MuLab, popup that plugin's context menu (in the MuLab GUI) and choose "Edit Note Key Names".
Now you can name each key, and import/export these names to a text file.

If the Multi-Channel switch is off, then all channels use the name map of channel 1. If the Multi-Channel switch is on, each channel has its own name map for all 128 keys. Note that the Import, Export and Reset functions work on the currently selected channel. (=channel 1 when 'Multi-Channel' switched is off)

The Import/Export text file format is like this:

Thus each line describes a note key name in the format "Notenumber=name".

Importing a name map text file does not clear the entire current name map, cause this way you can merge name file(s) into the current name map.
If you want to import a text file in a clean name map, first do a Reset before Import.
Linking A Child Module's Key Name Map

A MUX can be linked to use the note key names of one of its child modules, to avoid that you would have to manually copy-paste the note key names.
For example a MuDrum like patch typically contains a Drum Note Processor module.
If you tell the parent MUX to use the note key names of this Drum Note Processor module then things get much more automated and easy to use.
This Note Key Names Link feature can also be handy when using (drum-type) VST/CLAP plugins inside a MUX, so that this MUX will automatically take over the Note Key Names of that plugin.
How to use it:

  • MUX -> options menu -> Note Key Names.
  • When that dialog is up there are 2 ways to make a link:
    • 1 )Drag-drop a child module on that dialog
    • 2) Use the dialog Options button -> Link to... and choose a relevant child module from the list.

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