MuLab App overview

The MuLab App zip packages below contain the complete product.
Without a user key MuLab App runs in Demo mode.
The limitations of MuLab App Demo are listed here.

By inserting a MuLab App user key MuLab App switches to unlimited mode. MuLab user keys can be purchased in the MuTools Shop.


Please do read the Installation Notes, they contain important info!

If your current version >= M9.0.28 and < M9.4.12, then you can apply this quick binary patch instead of redownloading the whole package.

What's new: Change Log

MuLab Free

MuLab Free is a light version of MuLab and is fully functional without a user key.
It has some restrictions compared to the MuLab full version, see the details on this doc page.
MuLab Free can also be used as an alternative for demoing MuLab.

If you already have installed the MuLab Free M8.6 package or up, then you can apply this quick binary patch.

Legacy Versions

MuLab Legacy Versions

MUX Modular Plugin Legacy Versions