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The MUX Modular zip packages below contain the complete product.
By default MUX Modular runs in demo mode and regularly inserts a soft noise into the audio output.
You can switch MUX Modular to unlimited mode by inserting a MUX Modular User Key.


  MUX Modular 8.8.6 VST for Windows 64 bit

  MUX Modular 8.8.6 VST for Windows 32 bit

  MUX Modular 8.8.6 VST for MacOS 64 bit


If you already have installed the M8.2.x package or up, then you can apply this quick app patch

What's new: Change Log


Download the MUX Modular package, unzip it to a new folder and move that folder into your favorite VST plugin folder.
Then eventually let your VST host do a rescan so it finds this new plugin.

All details about installing and updating on MUX Modular Docs: Installation


Legacy Versions
Legacy versions folder


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