Thank you for making such great software! Simple and powerful.
THAT is the sweet-spot and you hit it.
Cognitive overload like Ableton and Cubase do not promote the creation of music.
Just headaches!
MuLab has the perfect niche in the market.
Michael E.  

Just thought I should take a moment to drop yall a line and say thanks for MuLab.
I trialed for ages, then wanted to start recording but ran into the limitations.
MuLab has been a huge part of my musical development across both guitar and piano.
It has helped me fill in the pieces that have been missing all these years, and now I feel like I can really get going.
Thanks for making a product that was there for me whenever I needed or wanted it!

I bought 8 and I must say, I'm a big fan!
After being frustrated with so many DAWs, I think I found the one!
It is intuitive, quick, stable, light-weight but very powerful.
Thanks for making this amazing software.
Eric B.  

I think Mutools creates excellent value for money with their great products!
I highly recommend them for any type of musician wanting flexibility in their creative process with sounddesign...
Jeroen Simons, Independent/ ex- EPICA.

I've tried many DAWs over the years, but MuLab is by far my favorite and the only one I use.
I love the intuitive design of its UI, which means it doesn't get in my way, when it comes to being creative...
and the powerful tools it gives me enables me to be just that.
The thing I really love most about it is how it gives you the ability of recording music like any other DAW,
as well as offering you the option of taking a modular approach to creating music, with it's built-in tools and included sounds and presets.
From a user's point of view, it's like owning two great DAWs seamlessly merged into one
and combining and/or switching between both interfaces (the standard DAW interface and the Modular interface) during a project is as simple as clicking of a button.
That makes it a great "first" DAW for people just starting out in music / beat production, as well as a really powerful tool for any seasoned Pro.
In short, MuLab sounds great, looks fantastic and is a real joy to it's great value for money, too!
Thanks for creating this and keeping its development moving forward all the time.
MuLab is my "go-to" DAW and I'm going to be using it for many years to come.
Dan Corkery - Ambient Mechanics  

I hope you won't mind if I share an appreciative thought
(just one of dozens I have to this effect pretty much every week when I'm working on my music stuff): Mulab is so good. I love using it.
And every time I've needed support for anything, you folks have been so responsive and helpful.
You have a huge fan in me. Thanks for significantly improving my experience with this art.
Tori S.  

This software is amazing, so usable, efficient and high quality sounding.
I would never imagine to find a music program that is so small in size, yet so modular and powerful.
Was getting a bit tired of the fellow giants Logic, Cubase and Pro Tools, but now all that has changed.
I now don't have to worry about big music DAWs that are unstable and highly technical to use, I can focus with MuLab purely on my creativity with music, which is amazing.

I'm listening through some of my soundcloud tracks.
Ever since I started joining the Kvr One Synth Challenge, I've made a whole bunch of tracks with free vsts, of course.
They're great fun and I'm learning a lot about mixing along the way,
but as soon as I went through all those tracks and arrive at my pure mulab tracks,
it becomes so crystal clear just how beautiful mulab is/sounds.
Mind you, those tracks are truly pure mulab, no other vsts involved, and they just have this quality to them in their sound.
It's rich, it's clear, it's crisp and really kind of deep.
And that was before I even started with any new mixing explorations.
This post is just to praise MuLab and share with you just how impressed, thankful and happy I am about what MuTools is creating here.
I'm sure it is unusual to many artists out there and they may (mistakenly) feel underwhelmed at first, because MuLab is so open and frontal on its face.
They may miss some internal structures they are used to from other DAWs,
but if they would just take a brief moment and dive into the tremendous depths of MuLab and MUX Modular, they, too, would recognize the beautiful monster in front of them.  
I just love it!  

Fantastic program! Simple, intuitive and cut-to-the-bone functionality. (have struggled with Sonar for months)

Just thanks for development.
Feeling the freedom of Buzz, Aodix, Psycles Graph processing in Ableton again.
Already created my favorite Buzz-Fxs (like PanzerDelay) in MUX. High quality!
Can't thank enough for creating this next level host. U rock.
Marcus H.  

I am absolutely glad and proud to be one of your customers, because MuLab is truly a unique program on the market with its original concept.
It is fun to use, sounds awesome, and provides unusual deepness for creativity due to its inner modular structure.
Best Regards, Samuel B.  

Hi Mulab developers! Thank you for your great job with mulab and of course with mux.
I have to write this because I never had so much fun and uncomplicated workflow with an Audio and Midi sequenzer Programm.
Its a pleasure to work with Mulab and I hope you Guys keep on and and get the fame and the money youve earned so hardly.
Big respect and be sure I will make your Programm get more populare.
Good friends of mine who are Audio engineers and or Audio technicans must knew your more about your Project.
Ive spent much time in professional Studios to get my Stuff on CD and I have to say that even Logic and Cubase is behind your Level.
Hearing my Ideas within minutes is so satisfying. ;)
Greets, Michael  

I spent the bones of a year coming to terms with Protools, and this was 5 years ago.
I never liked the interface or understood why it had such a steep learning curve.
Your software has put everything that's good about insular expensive software into something that's easy to use, practical and high quality.
All my VSTs and sample sets work with Mulab and it took about an hour to get to grips with.
For the price it is definitely worth it and I'll be mentioning you on my website.
Thanks again!  

I've been working with music production software for more then 10 years and MuLab is my first software which worked perfectly right from the start!

Hi MuTools-team,  
I just received the feature-list for MuLab 5 and I need to say thank you for your great effort.
I use MuLab for quite some time now and I am very satisfied with it.
Compared to other DAWs out there MuLab is definitely my favorite and considering the richness and stability of the system the price is more than fair.
Keep it up! Thank you!  
Fabio from Germany  

Amazing software!
I have been looking for something like this for a LONG time - it's simple enough to get an idea out of your head quickly, but advanced enough to tweak all night.
Exactly what I needed - so thank you very much for this amazing software!

MuLab is absolutely amazing!
I have just started using it, and already i can tell that there is extreme flexibility in compositions of music.
I used to use garageband on the mac, but the loops bored me and the editing was very limited.
It was good, but not good enough.
Thankfully I found this, because I am very very interested in creating music.

New owner here, just wanted to say that I'm super surprised by MuLab, there is a hell of a lot more going on under the hood than first meets the eye.
Really enjoying the flexibility of the MUX;
I feel like I have much more control over my signal flow than on most other DAW's.

My name is Tryezz. I'm an independent solo artist creating a blend of mainly jazz, funk, and electronic music.
I just wanted to drop a line and say keep up the good work.
I've been using MuLab as my main program since 2010 for creating as well as performing songs.
Over time, I've had a lot of people ask me about what program I use to make music and I lead them to your site (which is what prompted me to e-mail you).
It's a great, flexible, breathable program. Very open.
I can just start the program and start creating and building instantly.
Keep up the good work. Much respect. Stay cool. =)

I bought Mulab and i instantly fell in love with it.
It feels so refreshing.
I know other programs offer it in similar ways, but this has got the fastest workflow that i've found.
Once you've touched the modular approach of EXT you know you can't live without it.
MUX has all that EXT had, but soo much better and soo much more!
I know it's easy to feel like the "big names" have to be better somehow.
After all, that's how evolution instructed our brains to think.
But if you for a second manage to wipe away all memory of "most advertised", "most threads about", most f*nb*ys", "most iCool", "most assumed units sold"
and look at all the sequencers available i think Mulab would be on top without a doubt.
Crackbaby on KvrAudio  

I was just testing your DAW, was not expecting much given the price, frankly.
But I must confess I am utterly impressed.
After just 5 minutes of fiddling with one of those pad presets I found a warm Oberheim-like pad that took me ages to get out of FL, which unfortunately I paid hundreds of dollars for.
The drum sounds are also great, especially since I don't make electronic music as such, but emulate old-skool music.
The whole interface is very intuitive. The sound quality as such is also flawless so far.
I guess you just found yourself a new customer :)
Regards, K  

This is an amazing product you have here.
Thanks a bunch for developping this software.
As a music producer quite obsessed with analog gear, I'm totally in love with Mulab 4.
Exactly the kind of tool I was looking for !
Kind Regards,  

I love Mulab's interface.
I am tons more productive in it than in other DAWs due to its simplicity and elegance.
Paul M.  

MuLab 4 is far superior to Muzys already, in every aspect.
The modularity you've achieved it's really shooking. I'm literally hallucinating with it!!!
The sonic possibilities are endless, sincerely.
I've done a lot of things with SynthEdit and Reaktor, and seriously, MuLab 4 is the best modular environment you can find on the market already,
by far, by simplicity, sound quality, flexibility and integration with a host.

I've been using Mulab free for my work videos for the last year.
I'm excited to do more tracking with this software.
I want to let you know that I find this program to be very intuitive.
I can get my Ideas down in minutes and that has been very helpful to me.
Joe Cornelius -  

I'm representing the Studio of Electroacoustic Music at Cracow Academy of Music (Poland).
You might find it nice to know that we use MuLab in the studio to compose "contemporary" computer music.
We use also ProTools and Max/MSP but MuLab seems to be an excellent introduction to both programs.

I can tell you that MuLab is outstanding in the regard of immediate accessibility and beautiful neatness on the surface.
I can honestly and sincerely recommend MuLab!
It's been a long time since I so truely enjoyed spending some money on something.
It's the price of a fancy dinner and a pleasure with no end in sight!

I'm a diehard Logic user for a number of reasons...
I know it, it's the Mac DAW (Mac user for 20 years) and it comes with a LOT of stuff (great plugs etc.)
But I gotta say that my goal of looking out for a Mac DAW that has JUST the features I need,
and maybe a few cool new things thrown in, but without the 1500 drop-down menus I DON'T need, has been realized with MuLab 3.
I really like this program.
I'm still trying to set it up MY way, but I'm super impressed with this latest version!
The FX included, the modular synth/fx, routing etc. It's all there.
Nice job!

Why use MuLab? Ease of use above all.
Quality and quantity of Sound Modules and creation tools.
The Sound Engine is excellent and the Mixdown is impeccable.
The MUX is a monster. I am a Reason user(combinator) and this MUX is a touch of class.
MuLab is just perfect for the Professional Musician and for the entry level as well. A truly alternative Masterpiece!
Marco G.  

You've surely created a great piece of software.
Ive spent countless hours searching for a PC-alternative to Garageband for me and my fellow bandmates.
MuLab meets nearly all of our demands. The UI is almost perfect.
Best, Kristoffer, Sweden  

MuLab is very stable and intuitive.
Actually it's more stable than Pro Tools (I got the demo of 7.4) when handling plugins,
so when it comes to VSTi and guitar recording (with virtual amps and fx) it's a pleasure to work with (no latency, at least not that I feel it).

Love the software!
Adrian Roberts,  

Looked at MuLab a while ago - liked the concept but that was it.
On a friend's suggestion I've just tested the the latest release and I have to say this is bloody excellent!
This is such a nice environment to work in - so simple and easy - such a pleasant change from other hosts that require so much virtual bureaucracy.
The GUI is great, too. Just the right vibe. Everything is light and responsive.

Just wanna say how much I am enjoying MuLab which I stumbled across by chance this week...
Time taken to load & open new session with Sonar & configure instruments etc... approx 10 minutes...
thats without the head-scratching when things inevitably dont work... cue inspiration drain...
In that same time I have opened MuLab, created a session AND recorded a part as inspiration strikes...AWESOME!
Its EXACTLY what I have been looking for in a really well also with my main VSTi (Superior Drummer).
Its been a great week... Im inspired and stress-free now.
Definately gonna purchase MuLab and remove Sonar.

I have been using MuLab non-stop and the Rack routing is just brilliant.
It handles sends and multi-out VSTi like a dream.
The more I use MuLab the more I like it.
Richard O.  

Thanks for the recent MuLab Unlimited upgrade!
Even with all of the 'under the hood' extras, it is still quick to install and fast-loading.
I find MuLab to be 'intelligently simple' and uncluttered, and fun to use.
Congratulations on a big achievement!
Les J.  

Dude, MuLab is insane!
I've been messing around with audio software since I was a kid, and this is one of the best tools I've come across.
Fast, lightweight, powerful, and quick to pick up.
I'm definitely someone who falls into the trap of getting "lost in features" when it comes to software - I'm a developer myself,
so I tend to poke about, looking into every feature instead of actually producing something.
You've done an amazing job with the feature set.
And it runs really great on my MacBook.
Anyhow, thanks for building it.
When payday comes around, I'll definitely purchase a license.
All the best,
Shaun S.  

Great sequencer!
Easy, fluid and everything in one place!
Steve B.  

Thank you for this great product.
I'm a sample based producer, that's been desperately looking for a no hassle interface for midi sequencing.
This thing has changed my life.
It allows me to do exactly what I need to do, nothing more nothing less.
The jumble of all these automated programs left me with a bad taste for software.
At heart I'm an analog junkie and this is the closest thing to hands on that I've experienced in software.
Thank you again.
Imani Beats  

I've now gotten two songs down with MuLab in less time I spent learning how to set up a track in Sonar 7.
And that is was MuLab seems to be about: An open window to music creation.
No cluttered user interface, and terms I understand: Track, Part, Sequence, Composition etc.
I think experienced music techies gets put off by the simple interface and doesn't even look under the hood.
It's blatantly clear that this is the tool for me.

I'm starting to like this rig, for a number of reasons:
First, it doesn't take half-an-hour to load every time, just because I have a fat folder of VST/VSTis.
It lets me pick which ones I want it to consider. Doh!
Second, it's not buried in features that I won't use.
End-result: I can see how I might spend more time doing music and less time reading manuals and tinkering.

I've been watching this for quite a while and have really enjoyed the straightforward and clean and, well, almost "relaxing" tone and feel of it.
You've done some mighty fine work here, that much is certain.
Love the new look too and I hope there will be more skins in the near future.

I've been working with software (and hardware) sequencers since the early 80's.
I had a Roland pre-MIDI hardware sequencer as my first and went through their whole series as they came out.
Then I ran Cakewalk Pro 1.0 on a 386 with Windows 3.1, then 95.
All told, you folks have hit the best balance between complex and useful I've ever seen.
And it's all well thought out.
Sonar and it's competitors are just too complicated for me.
And I even do electronic music.
Bruce David  

Once I played with MuLab awhile, it was quite cool how you can just start working and everything mostly does what it should.
It's like the unix of sequencers!
Dave Weese, Premier Media Design  

MuLab really is coming together nicely. Ease of use is great!
I had a friend round, and her 12 year old son was writing a tune on it within minutes
never having used a sequencer before, after a few moments showing him how it works!
Says it all really!
Alan Robertson  

I've just purchased MuLab Unlimited.
It downloaded quickly, and it only took about 5 minutes to install it, unlock it, configure audio and midi,
add a VSTi (CM101), and listen to a playback of 'Demo.MuSession'
I like the speed of use and uncluttered design.
Thanks again !
Les Johnson